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        • Smart Mobility Concept Car EMIRAI4 Autonomous-driving Test Vehicle xAUTO Learn more
        • Moving forward with changes
        • Moving forward with Environment & Economy
        • Moving forward with Safety & Intelligence
        • Moving forward with Smart Mobility

        Moving forward with changes

        The role demanded of automotive equipment is ever changing; that is to make cars a safe and comfortable environment for people around the world.

        How can cars be made both safe for the environment and more efficient?
        How can various information services be used to make driving anxiety-free?
        How can driving be made easier for everyone, especially the elderly?

        To continue to respond to the needs of this changing age,
        we, at Mitsubishi Electric, will use the manufacturing skills we have
        cultivated over 90 years of experience to do our best to
        move forward into the future.

        Environment & Economy

        Making cars safer for the environment and more efficient to drive

        Through the development of technologies for less fuel consumption in internal combustion engines, and of next-generation power-train systems, we are contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.

        Safety & Intelligence

        Providing various information services in automobiles that enable safer and more comfortable driving for everyone

        We contribute to more pleasurable and comfortable driving with smart solutions that preventive safety systems and integrate car-multimedia systems.

        Smart Mobility

        Continuously satisfying the need in automobile society in the future

        As we apply various cutting-edge technologies, we are pursuing the infinite possibilities of the future of the automobile society.