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        Higher Standards in Home Entertainment

        Mitsubishi Electric televisions and projectors are recognized for their outstanding picture quality, ease of use and performance. They are marketed in the United States by Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, a company with a long history of innovations that have revolutionized home theater. See our US-model televisions here and our US projectors here.

        In October 2008 Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America launched the world's first laser television, the LaserVue™ delivering stunningly crisp images with twice the color at one-third the power consumption making this ingenious new television technology unparalleled both in terms of picture quality and energy reduction.

        In fact, LaserVue is highly acclaimed as the most energy efficient large-format, high-definition television available on the market today. It not only delivers two times the rich color expression of many of today's HDTVs, but it also uses exponentially less electricity than LCD and plasma TVs.

        LaserVue™ Click here to learn more about laser TVs available in the US.

        A wide range of HDTVs for home entertainment systems (available only in the US).


        Transform your home into a theater with a Mitsubishi Electric home theater projector (for the US customers).


        For visitors from outside the US.