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        Elevators & Escalators
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        A major name in elevators and escalators since the 1930s, Mitsubishi Electric has built a reputation for creating breakthroughs that make getting around more comfortable, safe, and even inspiring. Take our spiral escalator, for example. A Mitsubishi Electric original, it’s not only fun to ride, but has opened up entirely new possibilities in public space design. Its development required years of dedicated effort to overcome the immense physical, technical and mechanical challenges involved. Then there’s our super high-speed elevator, the culmination of decades of engineering experience and precision craftsmanship. It provides an ultra-fast, reliable riding experience with imperceptible vibration and noise. And there’s artificial intelligence technology that “learns” a building’s traffic patterns to deliver a more responsive service. Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to creating better point-to-point transport experiences for all. We’re also a leading manufacturer of moving walks and home elevators.
        What's New Sep 26, 2019
        Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service Jointly to Launch M’s BRIDGE™ Global Remote-maintenance Service for Elevators
        Aug 8, 2019
        NEXIEZ-S design expanded

        EN81-70:2018 compliant models with more user friendly & comfortable design

        Enhanced DOAS capability introduced on ΣAI-2200C page

        MelEye demonstration tool released
        Jun 20, 2019
        Mitsubishi Electric Launches New Elevator and Escalator Company in Laos
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