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        Compact AI will change the world in big ways.

        It will change the world in amazing ways,
        when AI goes to work in every part of our world.
        Mitsubishi Electric has made AI more compact
        so it can go on almost any device and make
        everything smarter.

        Introducing, “Maisart.”

        Maisart is a compact AI with infinite possibilities.

        Maisart is Mitsubishi Electric’s brand of AI technology. The name stands for
        Mitsubishi Electric’s AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology.”
        This means that it is using our proprietary AI technology to
        make everything smarter.

        The three technologies that make up Maisart


        Deep learning

        Compact algorithm.
        Implement high level AI for all equipment.

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        Reinforcement learning

        Implement our AI in a short period of time
        by speedy learning.

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        Big data analysis

        Make data analysis smarter
        in edge computing.

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        Case Studies