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        Semiconductors & Devices

        TFT-LCD Modules
        • Standard Format
        • [New] Wide Format
        • Specialty Format
        • Automotive Grade
        Power Devices / Innovative Power Devices for a Sustainable Future
        • [New]SiC-SBD
        • SiC Power Modules
        • SLIMDIP
        • IGBT Modules
        High Frequency Devices / [Featured Products] GaN-HEMT for Satellite EarthStations(SATCOM)
        Optical Devices
        • [New]Industry & Display
        • [New] Optical Fiber Communication
        New Product Thermal diode infrared sensor “MelDIR” Accurately detects heat to identify types of heat sources and specific human behavior
        Exhibition Optical devices exhibit at CIOE 2019 September 4-7,2019 Shenzhen, China Exhibition Report
        Application Pages Renewal

        News Releases

        When purchasing Mitsubishi Electric power devices(samples or mass-produced products), please be sure to purchase them through our sales representatives or distributors in your area. Mitsubishi Electric cannot guarantee the proper functionality of irregular or secondhand products, because we do not have any information on their operation history.